Impactful Corporate Gifts & Swag for Employees & Clients

Corporate gifts & eco friendly swag for employees & clients that contribute to positive social change, delivered worldwide.

500+ companies trust us to deliver impactful corporate gifts & sustainable swag worldwide.

Why HappySwag

Takes Just 5 Minutes

Build your 100% bespoke swag packs or gift boxes in 5 minutes.

Buy Now Pay Later

Enjoy 30 day payment terms on staff welcome packs or gift boxes.

Free Design Service

All we need is your logo then our in house design team will do the rest.

Worldwide Delivery

Employee swag packs and gifts boxes delivered worldwide.

Impactful & Sustainable

Our gifts & swag transform lives, uplift communities and preserve the environment.

Corporate Gifts & Swag for Every Ocassion

Recognise employees and appreciate clients, while giving back. Impactful corporate gifts & eco friendly swag for all ocassions.

Welcome Packs

For engaging employees, high-quality swag goes a long way towards building company pride and a positive company culture.

Swag boxes customised to give an awesome unboxing experience is a great way to demonstrate appreciation for any employee, whether it’s day one or retirement.

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Employee Gifts

Creating a thank you or appreciation gift for your staff takes just 5 minutes and you decide what goes in each gift box, finished with a free personalised message card.

No doubt your employee’s face new challenges every day, what better way to show your team appreciation than a bespoke gift box or swag pack.

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Corporate Gifts

Break free from the traditional corporate gift and create something unique and memorable with HappySwag in just 5 minutes. 

Choose from over 100 carefully curated products to create your bespoke corporate gift perfect to send to employees or clients, delivered all around the world.

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Event Gifts

We help event planners looking for ways to deepen the connection between attendees and the brands behind their events.

What better way to do this than a bespoke event gift box jam packed with a mixture of tasty snacks to keep attendees energy levels high and branded products for them to remember you by.

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Client Gifts

Bespoke client gift boxes custom made and packed full of quality products, snacks or drinks with your unique branding.

HappySwag makes it a breeze to create client gifts that help solidify positive relationships with your existing clients and build them with prospective ones.

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What our Clients are Saying

"Very impressed with the wonderful gift boxes from HappySwag!"

"Thank you so much for all your personal attention, really appreciate it."

"Super impressed with the welcome packs from HappySwag, thank you so much!"

"Creating a culture of care and trust is empowering, it increases morale, it makes people feel valued and best of all enhances productivity. Care packages from HappySwag went a long way to help me achieve exactly that."

"Our people absolutely loved their little surprise and we received lots of lovely messages of appreciation. The team at HappySwag was amazing to work with, very supportive and efficient!"

"It's such an easy process from start to finish and you made it super stress free."

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Trees planted

Corporate Gifts That Give Back
& Sustainable Swag

Every one of our corporate gifts or eco friendly swag packs creates an impact because of the products we source and the partners we work with.

Your Gifting Partner

Connect with a gift expert to curate the perfect corporate gift and leave the logistics to us. Bulk-ship to office location or individual addresses to 10,000+

Happy People

Build loyalty and engagement by demonstrating commitment to sustainability and diversity through impactful corporate gifts and sustainable swag.

Happy Planet

For every gift box or welcome pack you buy we plant one tree to help offset the carbon footprint of your order of corporate gifts and sustainable swag.

How It Works

Build Your Box

Use our box builder to build your bespoke employee welcome pack, corporate gift box or client gift in just 5 minutes.

Make It Personal

Send us your logo to brand your swag and personalised message then our in house design team will do the rest.

Store & Ship

Store your employee welcome packs in our warehouse and we can ship your boxes all over the world.

HappySwag vs. Others
Here’s how HappySwag corporate gifts for employees & clients stacks up to other corporate gifting & swag companies.
Order in just 5 minutes
Buy now, pay later
Curated list of products
High quality and sustainable
Free design service
Free storage in UK & US Warehouse
The Old Way
Long days searching
Proforma payment terms
1000s of products to choose from
Poor quality
Do your best with software
Nowhere to store gifts or swag

Impactful Corporate Gifts & Sustainable Swag

A note from our founders

At the start fo the pandemic in 2020, we discovered a way to combine the act of supporting local businesses (Keep Local Thriving) and communities with corporate gifting.

The idea for HappySwag grew from our desire to connect small / local businesses and social causes with corporate gifts.

Gifting to employees and clients is the perfect way to show appreciation and how much you truly value your people and loyal customers.

Our corporate gifts & swag create deep social impact through the everyday act of employee and client gift giving.

As a corporate gifting company we are proud to have two woman co-founders helping us to disrupt the corporate gifting and swag industry.

Build Gift Box in 5 Minutes

How our Corporate Gifts Create Impact

When you build your corporate gift each product is handpicked from our partners & suppliers that produce high-quality products that create a social impact.

Why our corporate gifts & swag are unique.

Corporate Gifts with Impact

Your corporate gifting recipients not only receive a physical gift box but also the experience of discovering these incredible independent businesses across the UK the world that are doing good while making quality products.

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Diverse & Women Owned

Amplification of AAPI, Black, Latino/a, LGBTQIA+, Women, and family-owned businesses.

These businesses help keep communities alive and thriving and are the backbone of what makes our country great!

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Supporting Local

We founded our corporate gifting company on the first week of the pandemic in 2020. Our mission then was to help support as many local independent businesses as we possibly could.

Fast forward two years and we have gone on to support over 300 local family run businesses that help make impactful corporate gifts.

Pictured is one of our first corporate gifts in April 2020.

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Through local sourcing, recyclable packaging, carbon-neutral practices, reforestation efforts, and ecological investments, each of their products contribute to a healthier planet for everyone to enjoy.

As well as that HappySwag plant one tree for every corporate gift or swag box you purchase.

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Recycled and Recyclable Packaging

Need another reason to send HappySwag corporate gifts?

Our gift boxes are made from recycled materials, so every gift has a low impact on the environment. We also partner with logistic companies on a mission to become carbon negative, so every corporate gift helps preserve the environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! We can ship your corporate gift boxes and swag to any location worldwide. Rates vary depending on size and weight. We can assist you in finding the best method to get your corporate gifts across the globe.

We need somewhere to store our corporate employee gifts, can you help?

Of course we can! At our warehouse located in Edinburgh, we offer storage and fulfilment options for our clients, and can ship your orders internationally.

We're already working with many of our clients to store and ship employee welcome packs, helping them to share their culture from day one and making the onboarding experience smoother than ever.

What is the ordering process?

As soon as you have created and confirmed your gift box with one of our experts, you'll hand over all of the stress and worry to the HappySwag team.

We take great pride in building your bespoke boxes in-house, so we know nothing will leave our HQ without our seal of approval.

Once your gift boxes are ready to be dispatched, we'll update you with tracking information so you know when to expect them.

Do you offer branded products?

Yes we do! You can browse all of our swag products here.

Branded products are one of the best ways of showcasing your brand and perfect for building employee onboarding gifts so you can build a winning culture from day 1.

Let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll be sure to find it. We are constantly updating our marketplace with brand-able merchandise for your gifts for employees.

Is there a minimum amount we need to order?

Generally we ask our clients to order 25 corporate employee gift boxes or more. Less than minimum orders are accepted on a case-by-case basis and we have some ready made options available.

How quickly can my team or clients get a gift box?

At this moment, there are current pressures on global supply chains. However, in general unbranded products are ready to ship within 3-7 days and branded products between 7-21 days.

Corporate Gifts Guarantee

We’re committed to giving you and your team a delightful corporate gifting experience, every single time. If not, we’ll do our best to make it right - guaranteed.

The world of work is changing. At HappySwag, we know the secret to higher employee retention and morale is a caring and connected company culture where every employee feels valued.

If you have a remote workforce, you know this can seem impossible. Celebrating a new hire, a work anniversary or even a job well done has become time-consuming, costly, and complex, whether you’re shopping online, tracking deliveries, or thinking of new ways to engage and reward employees and clietns every month.

We believe that delighting your team year round should be meaningful for them, and easy for you. We know that employee recognition can feel like a full-time job, on top of everything else on your plate.

It’s why we curate corproate gifts that give back to charities, support your DEI programs, and help you celebrate every occasion effortlessly.

Say goodbye to scouring the web for corporate gifts and sustinable swag and wasting hours juggling vendors. Discover the easy way to recognise every employee or client anytime with impactful orporate gifts and sustainable swag.

Find out why HappySwag is your best choice for impactful corporate gifts for employees and clients in the UK, US and Europe.

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