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Christmas gifts so good your employees & clients will think you're a super hero!

Personalised & thoughtful festive gifts for your employees & clients.

🎁 From £22 - £75 per gift box.
🚚 Free UK delivery & worldwide delivery available.
🧡 Charity donation with every gift box.
🇬🇧 Support local UK businesses.

10% Off this week only until the 2nd December!

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“Stress free, quick ordering process for 600 people”

Caroline, HR, Microsoft

We've helped over 500+ companies send memorable & budget friendly corporate Christmas gifts.
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Being able to choose the products meant I was able to create a memorable gift for our staff.

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Our employees appreciated being able to choose their gift box. The selection was excellent.

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Stress free, quick ordering process and amazing gift boxes for 600 people, thank you!

Do any of the following apply to you?

Gifting your employees is invaluable right now.
Send them an affordable and thoughtful festive gift today

25 - 1,000+ recipients

You'd like to send memorable festive gifts to 25 to 1,000 + people.

£19+ budget per person

You have a gifting budget between £19 - £75 per person.

Giving back is important

You like to give back to those that need it most.

You love to support local

You choose to support local independent UK businesses.

It's Only 27 days till Christmas...

Don't miss out, organise your festive gifts today!

There are 3 ways we can help you nail your Christmas gifting:

1. Preset gift boxes
2. Create your own
3. Let them choose

Option 1.

Preset Christmas gift boxes

Choose from our section of 15 ready made festive gift boxes. From £22 - £39 per gift box.

Each preset gift box includes:

🍫 A Useful gift & tasty treats
✉️ Personalised message card
🧡 Donation to the Trussell Trust


🇬🇧 Supports local UK businesses
🤗 Is benefit in Kind (tax) friendly
🚚 Delivered worldwide  

The affordable way to gift your employees and clients this holiday season.

Option 2.

Create your own festive gift boxes

All of the same benefits as our preset gift boxes.

But you decide what items are in your gift boxes.  

There are over 100+ products from UK independents to choose from.

We will send you a link to our interactive gift box builder.

So you can create the perfect festive gift boxes for your employees and clients.

4-6 items approx: £19 - £35 per box.
7-8 items approx: £30 - £75 per box.

Option 3.

Let them choose

Satisfaction is guaranteed when your employees can choose the gift box they like best.

You choose a price point.
Your employee / client select their gift box.

There are four gift collections to choose from based on budget:

+ £22 collection
+ £27 collection
+ £33 collection
+ £39 collection

Send a gift collection instantly via email. No shipping address needed. It's that easy.

Our festive gifting experts are here for you

One of our gifting experts will show how we can help to delight your people with thoughtful gift boxes this holiday season.


What to expect:

A short demo
- how to send 25 - 1000+ gifts delivered worldwide
View gift collection - explore our festive gift box hamper range or build your own!
Q&A - ask us any questions and let us know what matter most.

Ready made christmas gift boxes

Perfect gifts for employees & clients

✅ A Useful gift & tasty treats
✅ Personalised message card
✅ Donation to the Trussell Trust

All festive gift boxes include Free UK delivery


Festive faves: 5 items

What's inside:
+ Original Shortbread Stars
+ Milk gingerbread bar
+ Salted Pretzels
+ Hot Chocolate Spoon
+ In a Matchbox festive game
+ Personalised message card
+ Festive gift box
+ Charity donation

£22 + VAT

Festive faves: 10 items

What's inside:
+ Original Shortbread Stars
+ Christmas pudding popcorn
+ Gingerbread chocolate bar
+ Salted Pretzels
+ White Chocolate and Cranberry Fudge
+ Extra Mature Cheddar Bites
+ Hot Chocolate Spoon
+ Festive Socks
+ In a Matchbox festive game
+ Christmas trivia game
+ Personalised message card
+ Festive gift box
+ Charity donation

£33 + VAT
Last few remaining

Festive faves: 7 items

What's inside:
+ Original Shortbread Stars
+ Christmas pudding popcorn
+ Xxxmas Pudding Plant Based Vegan Chocolate Bar
+ Salted Pretzels
+ Hot Chocolate Spoon
+ Festive Socks
+ Christmas trivia game
+ Personalised message card
+ Festive gift box
+ Charity donation

£27 + VAT

Mallow all the way

What's inside:
+ Festive Socks
+ Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Spoon
+ Toasted marshmallow popcorn
+ Candy Canes x 2
+ Personalised message card
+ Festive gift box
+ Charity donation

£22 + VAT
Budget friendly

Happy holidays

What's inside:
+ Christmas Trivia
+ Peppermint Candy Cane Flavoured Coffee
+ Salted Pretzels
+ Original Shortbread Stars
+ Personalised message card
+ Festive gift box
+ Charity donation

£22 + VAT

Festive delight

What's inside:
+ Mini Veganettone Chocolate
+ Milk gingerbread chocolate
+ Salted Pretzels
+ Candy Canes x 2
+ Personalised message card
+ Festive gift box
+ Charity donation

£22 + VAT
Free UK delivery
Take advantage of free UK delivery and we can also deliver your festive gifts worldwide'
Personalised message
Include a branded personalised message card for that extra special touch.
Give back
We make a donation to The Trussell Trust with every gift box.
Support Local
Each festive hamper gift box contains amazing products from local UK businesses.

Extra personal Christmas gifts

Message cards with their name on it

63% strongly agree that a personalised message helps make a gift memorable.

Make your corporate Christmas gift boxes extra special by...

Adding individual personalisation to your message cards.

This will ensure your corporate Christmas gifts are memorable!

Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

What our clients are saying

"Very impressed with the wonderful gift boxes from HappySwag!"

"Thank you so much for all your personal attention, really appreciate it."

"Super impressed with the welcome packs from HappySwag, thank you so much!"

"Creating a culture of care and trust is empowering, it increases morale, it makes people feel valued and best of all enhances productivity. Care packages from HappySwag went a long way to help me achieve exactly that."

"Our people absolutely loved their little surprise and we received lots of lovely messages of appreciation. The team at HappySwag was amazing to work with, very supportive and efficient!"

"It's such an easy process from start to finish and you made it super stress free."

What makes a corporate Christmas gift memorable?

We surveyed 1,071 employees to find out what make makes a corporate Christmas gift memorable?

71% strongly agree that they appreciate when their employer puts time and effort into selecting gifts.

63% strongly agree that a personalised message makes a gift memorable.

58% strongly agree that supporting UK independent businesses makes a gift memorable.

53% strongly agree that gifts that give back make them memorable.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! We can ship your corporate gift boxes and swag to any location worldwide. Rates vary depending on size and weight. We can assist you in finding the best method to get your corporate gifts across the globe.

We need somewhere to store our corporate gifts, can you help?

Of course we can! We offer storage and fulfilment options to our clients. Our warehouse is located in Edinburgh and we ship internationally. We ship new employee welcome packs for a lot of our clients.

What is the ordering process?

As soon as you have created and confirmed your gift box our team handles all of the ordering for you. We assemble your gift boxes in-house. Once your gift boxes are ready to be sent out, we will update you with tracking information.

Do you offer branded products?

Yes we do! Let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll be sure to find it. We are constantly updating our marketplace with brand-able merchandise.

Is there a minimum amount we need to order?

Generally we ask our clients to order 50 corporate gift boxes or more. Less than minimum orders are accepted on a case-by-case basis and we have some ready made options available.

How quickly can my team or clients get a gift box?

At this moment, there are current pressures on global supply chains. However in general unbranded products are ready to ship within 3-7 days and branded products between 7-21 days.

£1 donated to the Trusseell Trust per gift

Corporate Christmas gifts that do a world of good 🧡

This year we have partnered with the Trussell Trust.

For every corporate Christmas gift sold we will donate £1.

For example if you order 100 corporate Christmas gifts we will make a £100 donation.

Corporate Christmas gifts that give back and help support people in the UK that need it most.

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