Instagrammable Welcome Packs & Swag Boxes for Employees in just 5 Minutes!

Build your bespoke employee welcome packs and swag boxes that your employees & new hires will want to shout about!

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You'll Save Time, Space and Money

Organising swag boxes and welcome packs for new employees takes just 5 minutes with HappySwag.

+ We handle design, just send us your logo
+ Fast Production Lead Times (7-14 days)
+ Over 100 products to choose from
+ Include your employee handbook for free
+ Free welcome letter or card
+ Worldwide shipping and customs management
+ Free storage facilities
+ Product sourcing
+ Min order quantity of 25 employee welcome packs

Organise welcome packs and swag boxes for employees in just 5 minutes.

What's Inside an Employee Welcome Pack or Swag Box?

+ An assortment of high quality products bundled together.
+ Consists of various products, from notebooks to water bottles.
+ Add tasty treats or healthy snacks for that extra special touch.
+ Perfect to send to new hires to welcome them to the company.

Employee welcome packs are a great way to get new staff acquainted with their new role and workplace.

A New hire swag box is the perfect way to build an immediate connection.

HappySwag handles everything for your new employee welcome boxes and swag packs.  Got a question? Get in touch today.

Making our Clients Employees Happy

"Creating a culture of care and trust is empowering, it increases morale, it makes people feel valued and best of all enhances productivity. Care packages from HappySwag went a long way to help me achieve exactly that."

"Our people absolutely loved their little surprise and we received lots of lovely messages of appreciation. The team at HappySwag was amazing to work with, very supportive and efficient!"

"It's such an easy process from start to finish and you made it super stress free."

How It Works

Build Your Gift Box

Create the perfect corporate gift box, employee welcome pack or swag box in just 5 minutes using our box builder.

Make It Personal

Add a personalised message card and approve your product designs, all we need is your logo.

Worldwide Shipping

Store your employee gifts in our warehouse and ship your employees gifts throughout the UK and internationally.

New Employee Pack & New Hire Swag Box Process
  • Custom swag designs; Simply upload your logo and we'll take care of the rest.
  • Assembly and Packing; We personally assemble each of your new employee welcome boxes in our warehouse.
  • Warehouse with us; Store your new employee welcome boxes with us and send out as needed.
  • Worldwide shipping; Ship your new employee welcome swag packs anywhere in the world and take advantage of our discounted rates. We’ll handle the rest.

Take 5 minutes to kick off your new hire swag box process. Then sit back and relax while we organise your swag boxes for employees.

Welcome Pack & Swag Box for New Employees

Welcome Packs

There’s nothing like receiving an awesome employee welcome pack, but putting them together was a nightmare. We’ve made it simple.

The Old Way

+ Long days searching for products
+ Losing track of inventory
+ No space to store packs for employees
+ Bribe coworkers to put together packs.

The New Way

Welcome packs for new employees that are
+ Sourced
+ Designed
+ Packed, stored, and shipped for you!

Welcome Swag Box for New Employees FAQs
Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! We can ship your employee welcome packs and swag boxes to any location worldwide. Rates vary depending on size and weight. We can assist you in finding the best method to get your corporate gifts across the globe.

We need somewhere to store our employee welcome boxes, can you help?

Of course we can! We offer storage and fulfilment options to our clients. Our warehouse is located in Edinburgh and we ship internationally. We ship new employee welcome packs for a lot of our clients.

What is the employee onboarding box ordering process?

As soon as you have created and confirmed your employee welcome box our team handles all of the ordering for you. We assemble your gift boxes in-house. Once your gift boxes are ready to be sent out, we will update you with tracking information.

Can I include branded products in employee welcome boxes?

Yes we do! Let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll be sure to find it. We are constantly updating our products so that you can make an awesome starter pack for new employees.

Is there a minimum amount we need to order?

Generally we ask our clients to order 25 new start welcome boxes or more. Less than minimum orders are accepted on a case-by-case basis and we have some ready made options available.

How quickly can my team get a starter pack?

At this moment starter packs for new employees, there are current pressures on global supply chains. However in general unbranded products are ready to ship within 3-7 days and branded products between 7-21 days.

Free Employee Welcome Pack Sample

Get a sense of what it’s like to unbox one of our fully bespoke corporate gift boxes.

Thinking of ordering swag box for new employees? Request a sample new hire welcome pack today.

Request your sample starter pack for new employee today and we’ll have it to your home or office the next day, totally free*.

*International customers cover shipping

Swag Boxes & Starter Packs for New Employees in just 5 Minutes!

Welcome boxes for new employee serve a dual purpose:
+They give new hires necessary resources for their job.
+They help set the stage for a successful first day at work.
+Swag boxes are perfect at building a connection.

HappySwag help you create bespoke new staff welcome packs full of helpful information about your company. Also, include branded items in your employee welcome boxes that embody your company culture to help your new hire feel like a part of the team.

We’ve curated the best of what’s out there when it comes to new employee welcome gift boxes and starter packs. Our team of new hire swag experts are always here to help you create a bespoke swag pack for your staff.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know, and we will be able to source it for you and add it to your employee welcome box or swag box. We will do whatever we can to make ordering welcome packs for new employees as easy as possible.

Our new employee starter packs and company swag boxes are the perfect culture builder.

Got a question about our new employee welcome boxes or swag box for employees?, get in touch today!

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