Ready to improve your employee onboarding with swag?

We will show you how you can create, automate and distribute swag packs worldwide.

Our swag experts are here for you 24/7

What to expect:

A short demo
- how to send 25 - 1000+ swag boxes delivered worldwide
View collection - explore our preset options or build your own swag box!
Q&A - ask us any questions and let us know what matters most.



What is the minimum order for welcome packs?

That's easy we have a min order quantity of 25 boxes. If you are looking to order less that 25 welcome boxes we recommend sending unbranded items in your new employee welcome packs.

Can I store my welcome packs with you?

Yes you can store your welcome packs with us. Your first three months storage is free. After that storage costs £3 per month per swag box.

How long does it take for my welcome packs to be ready?

Once you have paid for your order and approved your designs for each of the products in your welcome packs, your order will be ready within 20 days.

Do you deliver welcome packs worldwide?

Yes we do! We can deliver your welcome packs to employees throughout the UK and internationally. Delivery can be to individual recipients or in bulk to your office.

Individual delivery costs;

UK tracked delivery - £4 + VAT
International delivery - from £11 + VAT

Bulk delivery costs; Price is dependant on number of swag boxes and the location.
Pallet delivery available from £50 + VAT.

If I store my packs with you, how do I let you know I need to send a pack?

You can let us know you need to dispatch a swag box in a couple of ways.

You can tell us through Slack. We offer all clients to join out Slack for super quick customer service.
Or you can use a custom branded redeem link.

Are the products in my welcome packs sustainable?

Sustainability is important to us so we have a large selection of sustainable products. We also make donations to, JustDiggit and plant one tree for every swag box.

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